Friday, 15 January 2016

New kitchen and Le Bon Coin

The charming rustic furniture failed to meet our needs . Very little storage and a decrepit oven.

We decided to go for a new look; a mixture of antique and very contemporary styles. Nobody else will have the same one, that's for sure.

The first place to look was Le Bon Coin, a French website where people post things for sale. It's not really like eBay as you don't bid for things. Instead, you go to the sellers home and decide if you want the item or not. If you do, make an offer and see if they accept it.

If the item is large, you still have to get it back home. I bought a set of solid oak kitchen cupboards and we had to drive 2 hours each way to collect them. It took a lot longer on the way back.

I realised that they would not match the pine table so I found a beautiful cherry wood table in the Louis Phillipe style. Very elegant and just what I was looking for. There are 8 matching chairs too; all in perfect condition
My kitchen's going to be good enough for royalty!

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  1. Oh my god... I love this table. You have owned some pretty amazing tables in your time haven't you ! Jx