Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Buying a house in France

When we were looking for the ideal property, in this area of Finistere, we wandered into Sylvie Mayer Immobilier, in the central square of Huelgoat.

We were met by two of the most helpful people you could ever wish to meet and we bought our lovely house through them. Now, more than 6 months later, we still go to them for translations of important paperwork or where to find the best tree fellers etc.

The property business in France is quite different from that in England and it's important that you feel confident about the information and guidance given to you by the specialists. 

Sylvie and Veronique will tell you all you need to know and nothing is too much trouble.

In most small towns you will also find the Notaires office. The Notaire is similar to a solicitor but sells houses as well as processing the sales. They will usually have a display of the houses for sale, outside their office. They can also be cheaper to buy from as they don't have the same commission.


  1. The thing about the notaire's role is that, unlike in the UK, where your solicitor is working for you.....the notaire doesnt represent the buyer or the seller...they just ensure that legal process takes place...they are acting on behalf of the law. We had the same notaire as our seller, as it made most sense for her to deal with it all. Still, sitting in her office on hand over day, hearing the entire 26 pages of small print contract read out, before signing, was a fascinating experience ! Jx

  2. When we signed for the house we ended up paying 200 euros to marry under French law. This was to protect us from family members asking for a share of the house when one of us dies.

  3. It sounds like you found great people to guide your in your property purchasing process. I certainly believe that having someone who knows a specific market when making big purchases is vital to a successful purchase. I have been misled in car buying experiences, for instance. And a house is an even bigger investment! Congratulations on your successful buying experience!