Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The finished kitchen

The kitchen is finally finished! The work didn't take too long to complete but finding the right contrasts of old and contemporary design took a lot of planning and travelling around Brittany.

The old units are solid oak and it took 4 men and some clever use of levers to get them into place.
The lady who sold them to us said that they were built to fit her parents kitchen and the carpenters built them on site, in the kitchen. We hired a sander to bring the floorboards back to life and applied a dark oak stain to matche the cupboards. 

The table, with 8 matching chairs, was a really good buy and has 2 extensions for when we have people round for dinner.

The contemporary units are from LaPeyre and the contrast works really well.

I worked hard to get everything sparkling clean, before I took the photographs. Then remembered that I forgot to put the new rug down. Most of the time it's rolled up behind the sofa to protect it from the muddy dogs.

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  1. I love the idea that I'm going to be the first person to comment on this post. The kitchen looks fantastic. I love the cupboard...and the new/old combination works wonderfully. You are now firmly placed on my ever growing list of regular every time I read comments on mine, or just open my page, to see who else has written recently, up you pop on the side bar. To share it more widely, just click ob the facebook logo at the end of your post.....and follow instructions. Speak soon, lots of love Jx